MoMA Bern is pleased to announce John Keogh, Harald Reichenbach and Serge Nyfeler's «less...   Home...   less...   Home...»
John Keogh, Harald Reichenbach and Serge Nyfeler's «less...Home...less...Home»
Opening Thursday 17th of October 2013, 18h till late You are welcome at our international gallery, WIFAG Wylerringstrasse 29, CH-3014 Bern Through 18th and 19th October 2013, 18h – 20h The artist's are present! +++ For further information please enroll on our mailing list or send a Email . +++ Current exhibition +++ Serge Nyfeler XIII +++ Serge Nyfeler XII +++ Serge Nyfeler XI +++ Maggie Fishell IV +++ Alfred von Escher, Serge Nyfeler, Roberto von Escher, Annina Machaz, Giulia Dutly +++ Serge Nyfeler X +++ Serge Nyfeler IX +++ Serge Nyfeler VIII +++ Anna Schädelin +++ Maggie Fishell III +++ Serge Nyfeler VII +++ Maggie Fishell II +++ Serge Nyfeler VI +++ Serge Nyfeler V +++ John Keogh, Harald Reichenbach and Serge Nyfeler +++ Maggie Fishell I +++ Serge Nyfeler IV +++ Serge Nyfeler III +++ Peter Fauser +++ Urslé von Mathilde II +++ David Berweger +++ John Keogh +++ Reitschule Drucki & BlackYard +++ Nicolas Berniere +++ Anita Nydegger +++ Z(Orten) +++ Galerien-Wochenende +++ Serge Nyfeler II +++ Urslé von Mathilde I +++ Silke Thoss +++ Harald Reichenbach +++ koorder +++ Serge Nyfeler I