MoMA Bern is pleased to announce: Latest works by Serge Nyfeler, in the exhibition:
Living in a bottle von Serge Nyfeler
Opening: Saturday 12th of December 2020, 5 pm till late. You are welcome at Randweg 6, in Bern. The exhibition is open from 12th to the 18th of December 2020, from 11 am to 6 pm. Any other time make an appointment with the artist +41 (0)76 587 72 31The artist is present! +++ For further information please enroll on our mailing list or send a Email. Previous exhibitions: +++ Serge Nyfeler XII +++ Serge Nyfeler XI +++ Maggie Fishell IV +++ Alfred von Escher, Serge Nyfeler, Roberto von Escher, Annina Machaz, Giulia Dutly +++ Serge Nyfeler X +++ Serge Nyfeler IX +++ Serge Nyfeler VIII +++ Anna Schädelin +++ Maggie Fishell III +++ Serge Nyfeler VII +++ Maggie Fishell II +++ Serge Nyfeler VI +++ Serge Nyfeler V +++ John Keogh, Harald Reichenbach and Serge Nyfeler +++ Maggie Fishell I +++ Serge Nyfeler IV +++ Serge Nyfeler III +++ Peter Fauser +++ Urslé von Mathilde II +++ David Berweger +++ John Keogh +++ Reitschule Drucki & BlackYard +++ Nicolas Berniere +++ Anita Nydegger +++ Z(Orten) +++ Galerien-Wochenende +++ Serge Nyfeler II +++ Urslé von Mathilde I +++ Silke Thoss +++ Harald Reichenbach +++ koorder +++ Serge Nyfeler I